DuctModDave Reveals His Discovery of Faulty Repairs by Shady Technicians

There’s nothing more disturbing then finding the technician you hired has ripped you off costing you more money than before. It’s hard to believe the dirty tricks some HVAC technicians use to make their money and go, leaving you with more problems than anticipated. David, who goes by DuctModDave, is the founder of Biltmore Mechanical, he videotapes his findings and releases the videos to his company facebook page. From cut wires to purposely unplugged compressors, we get to see the disappointing reasons why job was called out. The good news is, the customers are happy to know their broken compressor is actually working and that wire replacements are a simple fix, making the hero shine. See all the footage on the Biltmore Mechanical Facebook page. Thanks DuctModDave!

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